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Discover the Deeper Side to the Martial Arts

his is an introduction to one of the most unique styles of Kung Fu in the world - Yellow Dragon Fist. Created by Master Simon Wong, it strikes a perfect balance between devastating combat skills, health and the highest levels of spiritual cultivation, and emphasises the importance of how we live our daily lives.

Nowadays, most people have forgotten about the real meaning of kung fu and turned it into something very different. You could draw a comparison with doctors and nurses who enter their profession purely for the money, not caring whether their patients survive, or politicians who get power just for themselves. In the martial arts today the true purpose has been lost, and there are few masters today who are able to understand and teach the real meaning. Martial Arts has become nothing more than another money making competitive sport. Indeed, practitioners are shown all kinds of lethal fighting techniques without being taught a sense of responsibilty.

So, what is this 'real meaning' of which we speak? To begin with, it is important to realise that being able to fight is not everything. Even if you can fight ten people at once, what happens when you face eleven? Are you strong enough to stop a bullet? If your girlfriend is leaving you, can martial arts save your relationship? If you get fired, will martial arts help to get your job back?

Therefore, you can understand the limitations of physical kung fu. Real kung fu, however, is training your mind, body and spirit to develop wisdom and compassion, from where you can use it to deal with all the problems in your daily life, and achieve true happiness and peace of mind. Today we tend to believe that wisdom is gained through knowledge and experience. The ancient Chinese, however, understood that true wisdom can only be achieved through knowledge, experience and training the mind.

In today's superficial society we have become far removed from these ideals. It would seem that people are not wishing for the true happiness of enlightenment, but rather for the inevitable suffering that material attachments bring.

Learning to apply the martial arts for this aim is what makes Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu different from the commercial styles of today. We do not teach to make money, and do not welcome egomaniacs wishing to prove themselves tougher than the rest. If students cannot learn to be humble, they are shown the door. However, for those who truly want to learn, Master Wong's door is always open.

If you want to discover the deeper side to the martial arts, Yellow Dragon is the place to come...

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