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"The Realm of the Yellow Dragon"
Combat Magazine, July 1990
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By Martin Butler, Lee Mason and Simon Wong

There are many systems of combat and many masters in the martial arts world, but there are only a few truly great masters. This is a story of how an ordinary person chose a direction and achieved a high level in the martial arts. Through his experiences, he realised the real meaning of kung fu, and the meaning of life.

Situ Simon Wong trained in many of the popular styles, both in Hong Kong and England after his arrival in 1978. However, none of these styles satisfied his hunger for the martial arts, but merely added to it. In fact, it was not until he encountered and mastered both the Bamboo Forest Temple style of mantis and the yang system of tai chi that he was satisfied.

Ling Shen Jen Foo Buddhism

As a consequence of training in the martial arts, Sifu Wong was, for a long time, an aggressive man. As a result his students were taught to stand and fight, and to expect and give no mercy. In recent years, Situ Wong's attitude to the martial arts has been transformed, mainly due to his study of buddhism. No longer blinded by anger and pride, Sifu Wong is now a man of great patience and compassion. He now teaches his students to fight only when necessary; but if they must, then to fight until they win, but upon victory, to show mercy to their opponent.

Training in Ling Shen Jen Foo Buddhism has made Situ Wong realise how few martial artists are at peace with themselves. He also realises how much our lives are affected by karma.

"The Realm of the Yellow Dragon"
Combat Magazine, July 1990
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