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"Wisdom is the best
martial art"
Combat Magazine, March 2000
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Simon Wong is not your stereotypical Martial artist. Where many will tell you that martial arts is a way of life, he will tell you that it is only a facet of life, despite his proven ability in various styles. Rather an artist of life, Simon is a proficient musician and painter, deeply spiritual and deep thinking. A "Master" he makes light of the term, stressing that humility and wisdom are at the core of genuine mastery of any art, not physical prowess or numerous belts. A Buddhist Vajra Master, he believes in thought before action and avoidance rather than cure when it comes to physical confrontation, stressing that reality is often subjective and the faults you see may be the demons within yourself. Simon's broad knowledge encompasses his own fighting system, Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu. For Feng Shui he has been widely sought after by many financial institutions and media groups, and has a highly successful security group, running courses for a variety of London Boroughs. With such a range of talents one would be forgiven for envisaging a "traditional white bearded old sage," but Simon Wong is young, vibrant and witty, with a western cynicism to his humour that acts as a counterpoint to his deeper beliefs. Complex yet bluntly open, Simon is a fascinating mix of east and west all wrapped up in one enigmatic parcel.

"Wisdom is the best martial art"
Combat Magazine, March 2000
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