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"Black Magic - The art of
fighting without fighting"
(The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee)
Combat Magazine, August 1993
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By Master Simon Wong and Martin Butler

Illusion of Reality mislead by our minds

As years go by, technology advances and marterialism grows, science leaps forward and everything changes. Yet in this material world, there's something forgotten, secrets unknown producing an ever growing divide between human beings and their mother nature. All too often we are controlled and restricted by our own senses, which we believe to be real, causing an attachment to reality and form. Just believing in what we can see gives us a false understanding of what is true. The spiritual path is to travel beyond these surface senses (sight, sound, taste, hearing, touch and emotions). When entering deeper within ourselves we become aware of other dimensions; formlessness, this is the spiritual world. Unlocking the door to the mind (heart) we regain our true senses and realise the immense powers of the mind, focus this power and you find "The Secret Way," cultivate this way and you will regain the wisdom and the divine consciousness of the universe. A spiritual cultivator experiences many tests and temptations, those who break through them become 'righteous', those who don't sometimes walk on another path leading to wrong deeds, eventually causing negative effects which create destruction to others and themselves.

Evil based in our heart

Evil still has power - the most powerful evil and the biggest enemy is yourself. This means that evil (wrong thoughts) lie within ourselves, e.g. one good thought and one good deed is righteous, we feel good about it, one wrong thought or deed is evil and we also realise it thanks to our conscience. When thinking along this path we will see that evil certainly lies inside of us. Different people have different levels of negative thought. We need 'wisdom' to eradicate all evil from our lives and break the hold it has on us, which creates 'ignorance' leading to 'fear'. Through wisdom we learn to understand our true self and all the phenomena inside us and surrounding us. This is called 'inner realisation of the truth.' What is truth? Truth can be defined as emptiness. Everything is empty in true nature, only existing in temporary form, nothing is real. For example, whilst dreaming in our sleep we experience all kinds of happenings, we think its real yet it's only a dream. Using wisdom we realise that life is just a longer dream. Possessions, feelings, experiences, kung fu and even our bodies are made up of emptiness, take yourself for example, before you were born, where were you? A hundred years later where are you? You only leave behind the deeds you have accomplished, given time even these will eventually disappear. Think along these lines and you will start to realise that it's true, you are just temporary in this world.

"Black Magic - The art of fighting without fighting"
Combat Magazine, August 1993
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