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"Way of the Yellow Dragon"
Karate Magazine, October 1987
by Saartjie Greaves

Sifu Wong has been studying Martial Arts for a total of 16 years. He started his training in Hong Kong. In the time since he began he has studied several styles-Tae kwon-do. Judo, Karate, Hung-gar, Boxing, Pak-mei, Wing chun. Southern Praying Mantis and Tai Chi Chuan.

He decided to develop himself in Praying Mantis and Tai Chi, as these styles held more benefits for him, and for what he wanted out of a Martial Art. Sifu Wong started learning Tai Chi from Master K. H. Chu, and his student John, as a normal student at first, and later as a private student. They taught him many things, and as a result of this he has a great deal of respect for them. He had been learning the Yang 'big circle style' of Tai Chi from them. Even so, he didn't feel he was accomplishing enough, so when he found out that the Yang style also had the 'small circle' forms, he was pleased to have a chance to learn them.
Sifu Wong had to spend a lot of time and effort to find Master Chen, the instructor he had been recommended to teach him the small circle style. Master Chen is friend of Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung, who is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Yang style Tai Chi.

At first Master Chen wouldn't accept Sifu Wong as his student, because he only taught friends and relatives, he has a very tight-knit class. Sifu Wong spent many months trying to become one of Master Chen's students, but to no avail. Finally, by chance he had a lucky break. Sifu Wong was paying yet another visit to Master Chen, and met one of his old schoolfriends there. Whilst they were talking he discovered that his old schoolfriend was Master Chen's wife! So luckily she could vouch for his character, and at last he was accepted as one of Master Chen's students!

"Way of the Yellow Dragon"
Karate Magazine, October 1987

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