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Martial Arts Articles

"The Matrix Reloaded"
EMPIRE magazine: June 2003

Inspired by Keanu Reeve's exploits in The Matrix, Empire visited Master Wong to see if you really can learn kung fu in an afternoon...

"Looking for Master Wong"
FRONT magazine: Sept 2001

Not just the founder of Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu and Europe’s top feng shui master, he also knows about hour-long orgasms!

"Yellow Dragon Enters the New Millennium"
Martial Arts Illustrated Front Cover Article: Sept 2000

Master Simon Wong discusses the true meaning behind the Martial Arts...


"Wisdom is the best martial art"
Combat Front Cover Article: March 2000

Simon Wong is not your stereotypical martial artist. Where many will tell you that martial arts is a way of life, he will tell you that it is only a facet of life...

Black Magic - The Art of fighting without fighting"
Combat Front Cover Article: August 1993

Killed by black magic? Master Simon Wong and Living Buddha Sheng-Yen Lu reveal the truth about the death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...
"The hidden essence of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis"
Combat Article: January 1992

Master Simon Wong reveals the origins and secrets of this remarkable kung fu system...
"The Realm of the Yellow Dragon"
Combat magazine: July 1990

Read about Master Simon Wong's spiritual and martial arts training...

"Enter the Yellow Dragon"
Combat magazine: Nov 1988

Master Simon Wong and the creation of the Yellow Dragon system...

"Way of the Yellow Dragon"
Karate magazine: Oct 1987

One of the earliest articles on Master Simon Wong

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