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Online Courses

Our online Kung Fu and Tai Chi courses are ideal for those who are unable to visit us for personal training due to distance or time constraints. It provides an extremely convenient way to progress in your martial arts training.

Full course material is provided containing descriptions and pictures of all the relevant techniques and exercises you will be required to master to progress to the next level. Once you have reached the required standard the Master can assess you either in person, over the internet, or by sending a video tape to us.

Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a certificate, and can progress to the next level. An assessment fee of £30 applies for each level.

The course material is currently available to buy and download instantly online - see below

Course Material

Course Level 1 - Kung Fu
By Master Simon Wong

Electronic version

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Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu is an economical system of self defence and self improvement incorporating the techniques and ideas of Southern Mantis and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wong's book condenses many years of thought and experience. It is an excellent introduction to the beginner's (white sash) level. The techniques and important Chi Kung exercises are explained in detail and illustrated by clear photographs.

The first-level form is also illustrated and explained. Practitioners who are prepared to train hard and regularly will not find it difficult to learn the basics from this course.

Course Level 2 - Tai Chi
By Master Simon Wong

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