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Southern Mantis

Grandmaster Kim Law - The Southern Mantis Fighting Machine

Master Simon Wong with Grandmaster Kim Law
Master Simon Wong with Grandmaster Kim Law

When Yang Yin was alive, he had great concern about teaching Kim Law the devastating techniques of this Southern Mantis Kung Fu style because of his passion for fighting and challenging other styles and masters. Sometimes Yang Yin would stop teaching him until he realised what he was doing was wrong and changed for the better. Although head of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis, Kim Law has now chosen not to teach. Many masters respect him still because of his years of fighting experience and his physical ability. Master Law still cares about the promotion of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis and holds meetings with classmates regularly.

In Grandmaster Law's short time teaching he did pass on the Southern mantis secrets of Yang Yin to one student - Simon Wong.




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