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Southern Mantis

Fighting Methods Of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu

Grandmaster Law demonstrates techniques with Master Wong's students
Grandmaster Law demonstrates techniques with Master Wong's students

Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu is a much advanced and perfectly developed combat system. It is designed around the centreline theory, which forms the basis for its attack and defence strategy. The body is divided into three main regions, the upper, lower and middle regions, and each of these is divided into three further regions, a total of nine target areas. These are known as the "Nine Gates of The Mantis''. This southern mantis kung fu system involves the use of both elbows as a protective shield for the practitioner's upper body, and allows the distancing of the vital organs from attack, by the arching of the back and rib cage.

All defence and attack techniques of this Southern Mantis kung fu style, originate from one main stance from which the southern mantis system draws its strength. It allows a firm foundation for the dominant power and skill of the southern mantis kung fu system, and is used to manipulate an opponent's attack and to force an opening in the defence allowing for reprisal of lethal and devastating effect and permanent damage.


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