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Southern Mantis

Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu Training Methods

push ups on one knuckle
Mantis training conditions the fingers and bones, building up strength and resistance gradually until the practitioner is able to do press-ups on just one knuckle.

This style of southern mantis kung fu is purely for street fighting, and is not designed to create the look of a bodybuilder.

It is a dangerous and cruel kung fu combat system, relying on internal power and external toughness, which is developed by training and refining the required muscle, bones and power areas in order to achieve the necessary results in every technique.

The southern mantis kung fu training is such that the power of the practitioner cannot be appreciated until physically experienced, a mere visual interpretation of his ability would be most inaccurate. The body is conditioned, in much the same way as that of a prize fighter in bare knuckle boxing, to absorb full power blows.

The whole body is toughened and strengthened with much effort spent on the conditioning of the arms, the main defensive and offensive weapon of the southern mantis kung fu system.

This is achieved by the use of metal rings which are placed around the arm during training, having the same effect as constantly smashing the arm against a scaffolding tube. This type of kung fu training is required, in conjunction with special medicine, to create strong bones, tendons and skin, which in turn will create a vicious fighter. The body is conditioned into a deadly southern mantis fighting machine, inspiring the practitioner to greater courage and feeling no pain.

This is not like Karate or Tae-kwon-do practitioners, who build up the dead skin on their arms and legs to deaden pain; in Mantis Kung Fu the skin is still soft and sensitive. It is also unlike the boxing practitioner, who during training retains his gloves and the result is soft bones and skin. For example, when the boxer Mike Tyson punched another boxer off-stage, he broke his opponent's jaw but he broke his own finger too. This is why, when you have strong bones, tendons and skin, you can make yourself into a vicious and determined fighter.


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