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Southern Mantis

Powerful Southern Mantis Kung Fu Forms

There are but a few fighting forms in this style of mantis, such as Dang Jong, Sheong Jong, Fatsow, Sang Jing Yul Kew, Say Moon Ba Qua and Ba Moon San Sow.

They involve the incorporation of the main stance Ding Ba Ma with Sang Sow set movements numbering approximately 36, and comprehensive combinations of kicks.

The stance is designed so as to distribute bodyweight evenly between both legs so that the point of balance is stably positioned in the middle of the stance. This in turn allows for the possibility of shifting the body in any direction, allowing for both defensive and offensive postures.

In this style of Southern mantis kung fu, kicks are used in conjunction with arm movements so that the opponent is exposed to simultaneous attacks from both arms and legs. Or if need be the practitioner can defend and attack at the same time, blocking upper region attacks, and striking at the opponent's vulnerable lower regions. Emphasis is placed on the use of the low kicks which are most effective and least likely to place the practitioner in a vulnerable position.

The set movements of Bamboo Forest Mantis Kung Fu, make use of short and long range strikes using both combined and single hand techniques. The combination of all these factors produce a system of Kung Fu whose applications can effectively be applied to today's street fighting situations.


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