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Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu Advanced Training Methods

As in all systems of Kung Fu, Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis has its many secrets of which only its most basic will be spoken. Doyi Jong for example is a form of sticking hands often referred to as tempting hands.

It is used to build up power in the arms and also as training to increase sensitivity, so as to feel the direction of an opponent's attack. This system also has its own form of Chi Kung, a form of breathing designed to massage and strengthen the internal organs; with more advanced techniques it is used for IRON PALM. IRON RIB, and IRON SHIRT training which are but a few of its many possible applications.

Mantis power originates from Tan Ging, also known as spring power. It allows immediate release of previously restrained energy in the form of an attack, released in a mere fraction of a second. This form of spring power allows the student to use it as a corresponding response to shock stimulus such as a sudden attack, or as a controlled method of striking an opponent with devastating power. Though powerful and most effective in its own right, this form of spring power is quite basic compared to the Bamboo Forest Temple's own form, which is known as Kin Tan Ging. Kin Tan Ging - The Ultimate Power Of The Mantis.

Kin Tan Ging is a more advanced form of spring power. Few understand its meaning, let alone its application. Some Mantis masters assign specific set movements to develop Kin Tan Ging, but this is totally misleading. Even young children and old people, upon touching something hot, will withdraw their hand very quickly in a reflex action.

The real Kin Tang Ging training involves the training of the nervous system so as to increase the reflex and reaction times of the human body.

Further training in Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu is designed to develop and shape the mind through meditation, to bring out one's sixth sense. By achieving such a state of mind control, one can manipulate the body and call up previously untapped resources. In human terms, this means unlimited power.

An example of Kin Tan Ging is when someone goes crazy. In such a state, even a slightly built women is capable of great power and may need several people to restrain her. However this is not the state we are trying to achieve in our mantis training as in such a state the person has no control of themself Kin Tan Ging on the other hand, will harness them same power but in a controlled way so that your mind is totally focused.

To achieve this is the ultimate goal of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu; to master it, is to master the most advanced weapon and most guarded secret in the martial arts.

The power of this system was once demonstrated by Master Kim Law who smashed small stones by merely striking them with his index finger. Imagine then, what such a man could do to a human body, if he so desired. As already mentioned, Master Simon Wong is Master Law's only student, and he feels very honoured to be taught by such a great man.

Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu also has a comprehensive weapon training programme, involving the study of the pole form and other weapons such as the broadsword and tiger fork (otherwise known as the Dai Pa).


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