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Begin your Kung Fu TrainingUntil recently, Bamboo Forest Temple southern Mantis Kung Fu was only taught and practised by the Chinese. However, after the death of Grandmaster Yang Yin, westerners were presented with opportunity to study and learn this system.

Master Wong follows the traditional Chinese system that students need to have good character and be humble, and then they are able to learn the style. Quality is always more important than quantity.

What kind of qualities does a good student have? If a student makes a mistake and they get told off, they are humble and don't mind being told off, they don't get upset and try to do better next time. It sounds simple, but not many people can do it.

Good character means: being honest, patient, compassionate to self and others, willing to learn and change if necessary, adaptable. Above all, this means not being bigheaded.

So, if you want to learn mantis from Master Wong, you need to prepare yourself, the door will be open if you are ready.

There are three ways you can begin learning kung fu:

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