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Southern Mantis

Introduction to Southern Mantis Kung Fu (Jook Lum Tong Long)

master simon wong in a fighting stanceMaster Simon Wong is a 7th Generation Master of Bamboo Forest Temple Southern Mantis Kung Fu (Jook Lum Tong Long).

Southern Praying Mantis systems are much respected styles of Kung Fu with simpler, more effective techniques than the Northern Mantis variations - designed to inflict maximum damage on an opponent.

Southern Mantis Kung Fu uses a strong stance from which to defend against aggressive attacks. The wrists are used to manipulate the opponent's attack, forcing an opening in their defence allowing for a lethal & devastating counter attack targeted to vital points of the body, destroying nerves, organs and breaking bones - effectively rendering the opponent defenceless. This makes Southern Mantis Kung Fu very dangerous.

The Mantis systems of Kung Fu have developed in both the north and south of China, and are now renowned and practised world wide. The southern Mantis Kung Fu systems have only recently travelled to the west, where their impact has been quite dramatic. There are four southern mantis systems of Kung Fu.

1) Chu Family Southern Mantis Kung Fu

2) Chow Family Southern Mantis Kung Fu

3) Iron Ox Southern Mantis Kung Fu

4) Bamboo Forest Temple Southern Mantis Kung Fu (Jook Lum Tong Long)

Bamboo Forest Temple style of Southern Mantis Kung Fu has only recently been taught to westerners. Before this, the knowledge of this mantis system was always kept among the Chinese. Consequently, its fame has mainly been contained within the Chinese community.

Bamboo Forest Temple Southern Mantis Kung Fu was founded by Red Eyebrow Taoist during the Ming dynasty, around the year 1523 AD and was first practised in the Kwong Sai Bamboo Forest Temple.

After Red Eyebrow passed away, his Southern Mantis Kung Fu knowledge and skills were passed down to his student Buddha Lee, from Buddha Lee, the teaching was passed down to Cheung Yiu Chung. Cheung Yiu Chung developed himself and skills in Southern Mantis Kung Fu to remarkable standards, and was known through China as the first of the great Canton Tigers ( 10 best fighters in Canton).

On passing away, Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu was taken over by his top student Wong Yu Gong. Wong Yu Gong himself specialised in the training of Iron Ribs. It was said that, during demonstrations he would let someone strike him vigorously in the ribs with an iron bar until the bar bent. Quite a task with a one inch thick bar! On passing away, the secrets of this unique Southern Mantis Kung Fu style were taken over by his student, whose name was Yang Yin.

In the early 60's, Yang Yin emigrated to England. His skills in Chinese cuisine gave him a chance to open a restaurant. In his spare time he would teach Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu.

Around the age of 45 Yang Yin decided to open an alternative medicine practice in London's Chinatown.

The Bamboo Forest Temple style of Southern Mantis Kung Fu involves the knowledge of many medicines. During his life in England, Yang Yin picked up many recommendations and became Master to many people across the country whether in teaching Kung Fu, medicine or the spiritual 'Sun Dar'.

Grandmaster Yang Yin was a very respected man in Chinese circles and taught this style of Southern Mantis Kung Fu to over 1000 students (but did not teach Westerners). Unfortunately Grandmaster Yang Yin passed away on October 29th 1997 at 1.00 am in Brompton Hospital, Fulham.

His death brought great sadness to many people and his wisdom was sorely missed. To his son, Fun-Kit Yang, he left the medicine practice and spiritual Sun Dar and the Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu was left to his most respected student, Kim Law.

Prior to this, Kim Law was helping his Master teach and now all the generations of responsibility were left to him.

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