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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan - Internal Kung Fu

tai chi chuanMaster Simon Wong has mastered both the Small & Large Circle styles of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wong studied the Small Circle style with Master Chen, including the advanced fighting techniques of the style. He learnt the Large Circle Style, from Master K.H. Chu, founder of the ITCA which has many schools across Europe. Master Chu learned from Grandmaster Yang Sow-Chun, from whom the Yang style of Tai Chi originates.

Tai Chi Chuan means "Supreme Ultimate Boxing System" - the most advanced of the internal styles of Kung Fu. It is a set of exercises developed by Chang San Fung in 960 - 1126 A.D to bring the body, mind & spirit together. He incorporated a system of deep breathing with the Shaolin Kung Fu techniques of 'Marrow Washing' & 'Sinew Changing' based on Taoist principles. He developed a style beneficial to health and which could protect a practitioner in combat. However, the real purpose of Tai Chi was to achieve enlightenment.

The fighting application of this kung fu style is to yield under force neutralising the attacker's energy, then counterattack using an unyielding force of great power & speed. In Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu we use Small & Large Circle Yang Style Tai Chi. The Large circle style mainly promotes health, relaxation and soft chi, which later leads to Fa Jing - discharging energy - the secret of Yang style. The small circle Tai Chi is one of the most advanced kung fu systems of today and is known by very few people. It utilises small compact external movements but with maximum power generated internally.

Today most tai chi masters now break down Tai Chi into its component parts for health and exercise, forgetting its origins.

This corruption of the art of Tai Chi Chuan began in the Ching Dynasty. Many Tai Chi masters stopped teaching the fighting aspect of Tai Chi in light of weapons advances around this period, and began to consider the health aspects as being more beneficial to the Tai Chi practitioner. Unfortunately, a little knowledge or an incomplete style can be a dangerous thing, particularly in Tai Chi or indeed any of the martial arts.

It is now very rare to find a master teaching Tai Chi Chuan for fighting and virtually unheard of to find a Tai Chi master who combines the additional element of spiritual cultivation into the Tai Chi syllabus. Master Simon Wong is such a Tai Chi master.

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