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Unarmed Combat Training

An Introduction to Yellow Dragon Unarmed Combat Training

dealing with multiple attackers
Master Wong shows how the system can be used to deal with multiple attackers.

The Unarmed Combat training programme is based on one of the world's most advanced combat systems - Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu. It is aimed at Special Forces and individuals in high risk professions.

The training that Special Forces such as the SAS and MARINES undergo is often regarded as being very special, but is it really the ultimate system? The training undoubtedly instils the resilience and aggression that they require to carry out the job effectively, but it also can lead to serious side-effects later in their lives. There are often reports of ex-soldiers having serious mental problems as a result of their training and experiences.

Master Simon Wong recognised that their training programs needed to be improved to include a greater focus on mental training. This course provides a training system that not only develops an unmatched level of skill and power but gives the individual a sense of responsibility and a way of life that will help them to ultimately lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Master Wong has previously taught an ex-SAS soldier, who was in a unique position to directly evaluate the two systems: "Before meeting Master Wong I was sure very few people were as tough as me physically or mentally. Quite simply, Master Wong made me look like a child".

Yellow Dragon Fist is the result of Master Wong's 25 years martial arts and real life fighting experience, testing and refining techniques in actual unarmed combat situations. It is a refined interweaving of the most advanced and deadly unarmed combat systems in the world - namely Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis, Small Circle Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Omei Mountain Chi Kung. These styles are considered so dangerous that they have not previously been open to Westerners and only taught privately within the Chinese community.

The unarmed combat training programme consists of a one week course covering the following areas:


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