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Yellow Dragon Fist

What You Will Learn in Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu

HIM HOYE: Learn to be humble. Also we learn Chinese philosophy & Taoism.

TJAM JONG KUNG: Chi Kung breathing exercises which develop health & relaxation.

YOW YUNE WUN DUNG: Kung Fu exercise to make you supple.

MA BOW: Over 20 different Kung Fu steps.

GURT FAK: Over 25 differcat high and low Kung Fu kicks.

CHY SOW: Grinding arms (18 different ways), building power in the arms.

TOI SOW: Pushing hands, a Kung Fu technique for building up power in the legs, hip and feeling.

DOYI JONG: Sticking hands, a Kung Fu method of building up power in the arms so as to be most efficient in any direction (over 18 different combined movements).

TIH SOW: Tempting hands, Kung Fu training for feeling and fighting.

SANG SOW: Over 72 Individual Kung Fu movements.

TOW KUNE: Kung Fu Forms 20 in total.

DOYI CHAT: Kung Fu Set Movements.

JEE WAY SUT: Kung Fu Self defence, close and long range, also with weapons.

BOT GIT: Kung Fu free fighting, semi and full contact also knockdown.

BENG HAY: Kung Fu Weapons training, (Nunchakas, Mantis Long Staff, Sai, Butterfly Knives, Sword, Broadsword etc).

CHI KUNG: In our style Chi Kung has 3 stages. Soft Chi Kung for health; Hard Chi Kung for kung fu; advanced chi Kung for controlling the flow of chi through your hands.

The 5 Principles which we follow in Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu:


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