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Introduction to Yellow Dragon Fist

yellow dragon fist kung fuThe name Yellow Dragon was chosen to honour the meeting between a Taoist monk, Loi Dong Bung, and a Buddhist monk, Yellow Dragon. This led Loi Dong Bung to learn to understand compassion and achieve enlightenment. After this he taught his wisdom and compassion to a great number of people leading to many of them also achieving enlightenment.

Master Simon Wong chose the name Yellow Dragon also to honour the open mindedness of Loi Dong Bung. In many fields, not just the Martial Arts, people who are specialists in their profession often have a great deal of arrogance, and will not humble themselves to listen to a different point of view. Loi Dong Bung was remarkable as despite his great knowledge he was open-minded enough to listen and learn.

Loi Dong Bung
Loi Dong Bung

During that time Loi Dong Bung had already achieved (physical) immortality, and had become quite arrogant. When he met Yellow Dragon, he was showing off about his achievement, trying to prove he was the best, until Yellow Dragon pointed out to him: "Even if you can live forever, what is the difference between you and my iron staff?"

That means the important thing is the "meaning" in life. If you don't have compassion, there is no life at all. An iron staff can exist forever, but it has no meaning - where is the life?

After that revelation, Loi Dong Bung began to understand that he was wasting his time achieving something unimportant, and then humbled himself to learn from Yellow Dragon. He began using his wisdom and compassion to help other people. That is what made him a legend.

Wisdom and compassion are like the wings of a bird - on one side widsom, on the other side compassion. Without each other, the bird cannot fly.

This style of kung fu is a refined interweaving of the devastating power and aggression of Southern Mantis Kung Fu, combined with the internal secrets of Tai Chi. It incorporates hard & soft Chi Kung for internal and external power development, together with meditation for spiritual cultivation - making a complete kung fu system.

The style was created by Master Simon Wong, a 7th Generation Master of Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis Kung Fu, and a 8th Grade Black Sash with the A.M.A. He is the UK representative of 100 Day Chi Kung, and the founder of the Rainbow Chi-Kung Institute. He has mastered both the Small & Large Circle styles of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and has studied Wing Chun, Pak Mei, Hung Gar and Taekwondo.

Master Wong explained the following about his system:

"In the modern age, Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu is the antithesis of commmercial martial arts. One could say that it is more traditional than the traditional. Many people believe that by learning classic kung fu moves they are learning traditional kung fu. In fact this is not so. Not many people realise that traditional kung fu is learning to be humble and develop your mind to achieve enlightenment. So without this true philosophy, it cannot be traditional kung fu. Today, most 'traditional' styles do not place such importance upon training the mind. There is old chinese saying that even kings and generals cannot learn enlightenment. This is because they cannot humble themselves and relinquish the power and wealth.

Through learning Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu the aim is to achieve enlightenment. By realising that "reality" is just an illusion, one can learn to have no attachment and complete freedom of spirit.

It is possible to break through your own karma, and achieve freedom from the six realms (hells, hungry ghosts, devils, animals, humans, heavens).

For this reason Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu is so supreme, but also so difficult.

I can tell you now that Yellow Dragon Fist is harder than the 36 Chambers in the Shaolin temples. How can this be? This is because the 36 Chambers doesn't go as deeply into the mental side to begin with. This approach can lead to problems later on as the students become too attached to the physical aspect. Yellow Dragon Fist trains you both physically and mentally from the beginning.

It is the mental aspect that is the most important. Physically, I can turn you into a fighting machine in just one year. Mentally, even after ten years, many people will find it hard to change their bad habits. So you can see it is the mental side that presents the biggest challenge.

"Overcoming yourself is better
than winning 1000 battles"
(an old Chinese saying)

Students who are unable to change mentally do not last long. Even after students stay over 10 years, if they cannot change they will still have to leave. Only when they have learnt from their mistakes may they come back.

Yellow Dragon Fist is really training us to overcome our own problems such as jealousy, anger, hatred, impatience etc. At the end of the day it is down to us to change ourselves. A Master can only show you the way; it is up to the students whether or not to take the advice. However, sometimes they do not have a real master to show the way. Nowadays you cannot find too many real Masters around, only instructors. To be a Master, you need wisdom. Without it, all you have is the blind leading the blind, causing themselves and others damage.

In contrast, commercial martial arts schools will rarely kick the students out. They will keep them as long as possible to make more money. I believe that if you train students that do not have good characters, it will cause you bad karma in the future. I prefer quality, not quantity. If martial artists haven't leaned to develop their mental side, they haven't started real martial arts training yet.

So this why Yellow Dragon Fist is more traditional than the traditional. It focuses on the mental progress of each student."

The individual component parts of the Yellow Dragon style are:

Southern Mantis Kung Fu

Southern Mantis systems are a much respected style of Kung Fu with simpler, more effective techniques than the Northern variations. These Kung Fu styles are designed to inflict maximum damage on an opponent.    

Tai Chi Chuan - Internal Kung Fu

Tai Chi Chuan means "Supreme Ultimate Boxing System" and is the most advanced of the internal styles of Kung Fu.  

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient system of deep breathing exercises. Its history can be traced back over 3000 years to ancient China and has always been used extensively in kung fu.   


Master Wong has trained to a very high level spiritually, and is a spiritual master. As such the kung fu syllabus places great emphasis on developing a clear and peaceful mind and includes training on how to attack & defend yourself spiritually.  


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